I am grateful for the opportunity to share our experience with Kalypso, in particular, with Laney who runs The Woodlands clinic. To us, Laney IS Kalypso. To begin with, Laney creates an environment upfront that causes the patient and his/her caregivers to feel at ease. Laney is confident about what Kalypso has to to offer and she relays that confidence to others. She is realistic as well as thorough in the way she explains the Ketamine treatments. And she delivers. Laney listens intently to the patient to determine, along with the consent of the patient, what the makeup of the infusion needs to be. Her knowledge of the contents of each infusion is outstanding! Outstanding! She is sensitive to the progress of the patient as to whether any adjustments may or may not need to be made. BTW, regarding follow-up with the patient: LANEY takes the initative to follow up by text or phone call bc she genuinely wants to know the degree to which the specialized ketamine infusion has effected the patient. Personal care like I’ve not experienced elsewhere~ Yet so professional. Another amazing surprise in our experience is the length to which Laney goes to adjust her personal schedule to work a patient’s needs in to come to the clinic. Patients are well aware that ‘Kalypso’ is here for them…thanks to Laney bc, like I said, Laney IS Kalypso. The clinic is such a pleasant environment: warm, inviting, attractive and spotless! More thanks to the personal touch Laney brings to her patients. I come in support of my daughter who is one of Laney’s/Kalypso’s patients. My daughter, after a year of being under the treatment of a neurologist who was never successful in breaking the cycle of the migraines, found the relief she has long sought after since she’s been under the personalized care of Laney at The Woodlands’ Kalypso Clinic. There has been nothing like what Laney at Kalypso has offered us. Nothing. We are grateful beyond words for Laney. For Kalypso’s ketamine infusions. –

A. F. The Woodlands, TX