Chronic Pain

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Ketamine Infusion Therapy for Chronic Pain

Many people know of the devastating effects of diabetes, coronary heart disease, strokes, and cancer. Indeed, if you add up the numbers of Americans suffering from these diseases each year, we find 60 million Americans suffering from these diseases. However, most people don’t realize this number is small compared to the number of Americans suffering from chronic pain. An estimated 100 million Americans suffer with pain chronically. The numbers are staggering.


  • Around $600 billion in annual cost to health care
  • Back pain is the leading cause of disability in Americans under the age of 45
  • Studies show over 50% of chronic pain sufferers felt they had little or no control over their pain
  • 60% of chronic pain sufferers report breakthrough pain one or more times daily, severely affecting their quality of life
  • About 60% report impact on their overall enjoyment of life
  • About 77% report depression
  • 70% have problems concentrating
  • 74% report energy level is affected
  • 86% report sleeping problems

But these numbers don’t give justice to the effects in the workplace:

  • In one study, workers lost an average of 4.6 hours per week of productivity due to pain
  • Major adjustments for chronic pain sufferers at work include taking disability, changing jobs, getting help with activities, or moving to a different home

All of this does not include the associated problems with narcotics in the US. Chronic pain sufferers are very aware of all the regulations, risks, side effects, and challenges of having to take narcotics. Between dealing with insurance companies, doctor visits, urine drug screens, triplicate refills, therapy, injections, and DEA guidelines, it’s easy to see how chronic pain sufferers have such a hard time living their lives.

The options for chronic pain treatments come down to four categories:

  1. conservative options such as therapy or chiropractor
  2. medication management
  3. interventions such as steroid injections
  4. surgery

Unfortunately, too often all of these options together are still not enough to provide any significant benefit or relief.
It’s time to stop, take a step back, and reset your life!

The founders of Kalypso Wellness Centers are all board certified in Anesthesiology, giving each of them very specific knowledge and experience in dealing with pain. We specifically design pain treatments for each patient. Kalypso uses a proven medicine (ketamine) in an advanced way, and by doing so we can provide improved benefit for chronic pain sufferers (including nerve pain and inflammatory pain). Our team has studied many literature publications to find the very best options for each patient. The results we have obtained with our individualized treatment plans have been amazing. Patients are now sleeping better, decreasing their pain medications, decreasing depression medications, increasing their activities, and improving their emotions and mood toward life. The quality of our patients’ lives have drastically improved, and we couldn’t be happier. In short, our patients haven’t just benefitted from our treatment plans; our patients have Reset their lives…for good.