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Kalypso Wellness Centers partner with South Texas Mental Health Associates to offer Kalypso Ketamine® infusion treatments in Corpus Christi

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas (December 13, 2018)— Kalypso Wellness Centers, one of the most successful, and rapidly expanding, ketamine clinics in the country, has partnered with South Texas Mental Health Associates to bring Kalypso’s revolutionary ketamine treatments to patients suffering from depression, anxiety, and other psychiatric disorders.

South Texas Mental Health Associates, located in Corpus Christi, recently became a managed clinic for Kalypso Wellness Centers to provide treatment in the form of Kalypso Ketamine® infusions that was previously available only by driving two to four hours to San Antonio or Houston. The reputation of the patent-pending Kalypso Ketamine® infusions as an effective method for treating more than 30 disease states has been growing rapidly since Kalypso Wellness Centers was launched in 2016.  Earlier in 2018, Kalypso surpassed two major milestones: first, its 3,000th ketamine infusion in May, and then a few months later, its 4,000th.

“We wanted a partner that had proven success with their products and business model, thus with over 4,000 infusions, Kalypso was the logical choice,” said Dr. John Lusins, a psychiatrist who started South Texas Mental Health Associates. “Kalypso has differentiated themselves from other providers with not only their track record of success but most importantly excellent patient feedback.”

Ketamine is an anesthetic, but in recent years has gained popularity in treating patients with chronic, debilitating pain, dependency on narcotics, depression, PTSD, and a host of other ailments. Ketamine works by essentially “re-setting” neural pathways and triggering a rapid growth of neural connections, thus stopping the problem at its source. Studies on the benefits of ketamine have been performed at Yale University, the National Institute of Health, Harvard University, Johns Hopkins, and others.

“We started in Texas, and we have successful locations in Houston and San Antonio, so the expansion into Corpus Christi is the natural next step for us,” said Dr. Cannon Clifton, CEO of Kalypso Wellness Centers. “We are honored to add South Texas Mental Health Associates to our list of managed clinics, and we are proud to have the talents and experience of Dr. John Lusins and Dr. Megan Talley on our side as we continue to help suffering patients reset their lives with our cutting-edge ketamine infusions. We plan to expand the practice further. Our goal is to make ketamine the mainstream treatment instead of the alternative treatment.”

The addition of South Texas Mental Health Associates to the Kalypso family continues the practice’s rapid expansion. Now, just over two years since its formation, Kalypso features locations in North Houston and San Antonio as well as managed clinics in Corpus Christi, TX, Garden City, New York; Meridian, Mississippi; and Wilmington, North Carolina. The success of Kalypso Ketamine infusions in managing chronic pain, depression, PTSD, migraines, and other disease states has been largely responsible for the way the practice has expanded in such a short time. Kalypso’s unique formulations have resulted in 90-96% efficacy with a side effect rate of only 5%.


About Kalypso Wellness Centers

Kalypso Wellness Centers was formed in 2016 by two board-certified anesthesiologists Dr. Cannon Clifton, CEO and Dr. Bryan Clifton, CMO; and two board-certified pain management physicians, Dr. Mark Moran, Chief Science Officer and Dr. Scott Worrich, Chief Clinical Officer who were tired of seeing patients needlessly suffering and chronically debilitated on prescription narcotics. After countless months of research, they found a promising new solution with the use of ketamine infusions that could be offered to patients. As treatments continued, they created the RESET Ketamine Therapy®, which includes five distinct proprietary ketamine formulations: KalypsoCalm®, KalypsoCan®, KalyMax®, KalyPro® and KalypsoZen®.  Upon further investigation, they discovered that when tailored to each patient’s unique disease state, these infusions can provide a substantial improvement in quality of life for patients with anxiety, major depressive disorder, PTSD, bipolar disorder, fibromyalgia, neuropathic pain, inflammatory pain, chronic pain, and migraines/chronic headaches. Kalypso Ketamine is offered in 6 locations—three in Texas and one each in New York, Mississippi, and North Carolina.

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About South Texas Mental Health Associates

South Texas Mental Health Associates is an adult psychiatric outpatient clinic based in Corpus Christi, Texas. The team at South Texas Mental Health Associates provides comprehensive patient-oriented care to address mental health issues including depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, mood disorders, ADHD, schizophrenia, and more. The team of psychiatrists and nurse practitioners focuses on evidence-based treatments, including medication and therapies customized to address the specific concerns and needs of each individual patient. The environment at South Texas Medical Associates is calm and inviting, so patients and their families can relax and focus on their care.

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