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SAN ANTONIO, Aug. 21, 2018— Kalypso Wellness Centers, a leader in advanced ketamine infusion treatments for PTSD, depression, chronic pain, and many other conditions, announced today that it has filed a patent for its groundbreaking Kalypso Ketamine™ infusion process. Ketamine treatments are becoming increasingly popular around the country as an alternative method for treating debilitating disorders and conditions that have proven difficult to treat using traditional medicine.

“We decided that now is the right time to patent our process because we feel that our formulations and treatment methods provide patients with a better experience with less side effects,” said Dr. Bryan Clifton, Kalypso’s Chief Medical Officer. “Our infusions take an hour and most patients see benefits after their first treatment. Kalypso RESET formulations have demonstrated an 85% to 95% clinical efficacy rate and adverse side effect rate of less than 5%.”

Once approved, the patent will be in effect for 20 years and it will apply to all five of Kalypso’s proprietary ketamine formulations and any future ketamine formulations developed by Kalypso. The patent also covers all routes of ketamine administration for currently recognized clinical applications and any potential future uses.

“We feel confident Kalypso Ketamine is beyond the state of the art and we want to ensure that there is a standard that people adhere to as it relates to administrating ketamine treatments and how they should properly use our formulations,” Dr. Clifton said.

Since Kalypso will be the first to apply for a patent for these formulations and methodology, the company will be spending more time in Washington, D.C., advocating for patients’ safety and helping establish the standard of care for ketamine treatments.

Currently, Kalypso offers its revolutionary Kalypso Ketamine™ treatments at its five clinics—three in Texas, one in North Carolina, and one in New York. To date, Kalypso has administered approximately 3,500 ketamine infusions.

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