Any one of the nearly 49 million Americans who suffer from migraine headaches will tell you that when a migraine attacks, they will do almost anything to relieve the painful, severe, often pulsating nausea or other debilitating symptoms that accompany a migraine.

Some treat migraines with over-the-counter pain relievers such as aspirin. Others rely on prescription drugs to block pain pathways to the brain. Those methods are not always effective, however. 

Doctors have discovered a more effective way to block those pain pathways—ketamine infusions. For decades, ketamine was used as an anesthetic and even gained popularity in some circles as a recreational drug. In recent years, however, ketamine has been more widely used as an alternative therapy for patients suffering from various chronic disease states—treating not only the disease, but the accompanying depression and/or pain.

In late 2016, four board-certified anesthesiologists, who were concerned after seeing so many people in chronic pain and dependent on prescription narcotics, founded Kalypso Wellness Centers.  Kalypso’s founders developed five distinct proprietary ketamine formulations to treat those physical and mental disorders which forced people to rely on drugs that were not always successful. 

Each ketamine infusion from Kalypso Wellness Centers is tailored to the patient’s unique condition. With migraine headaches, ketamine not only blocks those pain pathways, but also reduces the activity of the glutamate, which is the most abundant excitatory neurotransmitter to the brain. 

One of Kalypso’s migraine patients happens to be their Chief Operating Officer, Ryan Bridges.  “I’ve experienced chronic migraines since I was a child. I become extremely sensitive to light and movement, often getting nauseous and dizzy.  As an adult, I would get anywhere from 1-3 of these a month. I’ve had MRIs and been to the neurologist, but I just did not want to be on constant medication.  Ultimately, the only relief I would find would be laying down in a cool, dark room. I constantly kept an emergency supply of Excedrin on me at ALL times, just in case.  

When I joined Kalypso, I immediately had an infusion with Dr. Bryan Clifton, Co-Founder and CMO.  For the first time I can remember in my adult life, I did not experience the debilitating effects of a migraine for six months.  Not one. My personal experience is just one of the many reasons I’m so passionate about our therapies and the organization we’re building.”

Results have shown ketamine to be largely effective in combating migraine headaches, and Kalypso has been at the forefront of this revolutionary therapy for migraines and chronic headaches. With locations in Texas, New York, and Pennsylvania, and plans for more clinics across the U.S., Kalypso Wellness Centers is committed to bringing this life-changing treatment to patients everywhere.  If you suffer from migraine pain, contact us at Kalypso Wellness Centers to see how we can help you get the relief you’ve been searching for.