Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About Ketamine

Do you have questions about Kalypso Ketamine Infusion Treatments? Below are a set of frequently asked questions and answers. If you have any others, feel free to contact us.

Ketamine is FDA approved as an anesthetic with a remarkably safe track record in operating rooms for anesthesia during surgery, including pediatric surgery. It is listed on the World Health Organization’s most Essential Medicines. Studies conducted internationally and more recently in the U.S. have shown an off-label use of ketamine to be highly effective for treatment of depression, anxiety, bipolar, PTSD, pain, inflammation and migraines/headaches.

Most doctors do not have a lot of experience with ketamine, nor are they set up or properly equipped to perform this type of infusion. Kalypso Wellness Centers was started by Board Certified Anesthesiologists and Pain Medicine Doctors who are very educated in and familiar with the use of ketamine. They took rigorous steps with the Medical Board and DEA to make sure the program was set up appropriately.

Ketamine has developed a negative stigma over time when being used as a street drug. Numerous studies and our experience have shown that there is essentially no potential for addiction.

Ketamine works unlike any other medicine. It functions by “re-setting” nerves and triggers growth of nerve pathways. It is also a very powerful anti-inflammatory medicine. Therefore, it helps with both of the main types of pain (nerve pain and inflammatory pain). Ketamine has also shown great success in the treatment of migraines, depression, anxiety, and PTSD.

We currently treat pain and inflammation, reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD), diabetic neuropathy, fibromyalgia, cancer pain and cancer depression, migraines/headaches, depression, bipolar, postpartum depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), anxiety, and addiction.

The dose used for the treatment of patients at Kalypso Wellness Centers is very low and considered sub-anesthetic (a fraction of the dose a patient would get in the hospital for surgery). We make sure all patients are monitored by video during their entire infusion to ensure safety. The infusion can easily be decreased or stopped if needed.

Ketamine does not have a lot of contraindications with other drugs. It is important that you discuss any medications you are currently taking with one of our providers. After a patient receives their treatment, it is up to the patient and their primary doctor to determine if current medications are still needed or should be prescribed differently.

Our providers have developed proprietary infusion formulations for maximum effectiveness, convenience and comfort. The infusion itself only lasts for 60 minutes. A feeling of disorientation can occur during the infusion. At around 20 minutes, you may notice a floating sensation, or feeling of intoxication; lights or colors seem more vivid and some patients experience blurred vision. Some patients report numbness or tingling in their toes, lips and mouth. All of these feelings start to diminish approximately 10-15 minutes after the infusion is complete.

Most patients will be awake, but some patients do take a nap during the infusion if they are tired, or just get really relaxed. The treatment itself does not put patients to sleep.

Most of our patients like the lighting in the room to be dim or completely dark. Some will listen to soothing music, snuggle in a blanket; but most importantly get comfortable and relaxed. Some like to have another person in the room with them, and others want to be alone. Our providers will discuss in detail every step of the process and expectations. Our number one goal is to make this a comfortable experience.

Side effects are not common, but the most common side effects can include dizziness, abnormal muscle movements, changes in blood pressure or heart rate, increased salivation, disorientation, nausea, redness or swelling at the IV site, and allergic reactions. These side effects will subside once the infusion stops.

When you arrive for your infusion, you will fill out evaluation forms to assess your depression, PTSD, anxiety, bipolar, pain/inflammation, or other conditions. After the infusion, you should notice some differences. You may feel less pain, more hopeful, increased calmness, or depression is reduced. Most of the time, these are not the full effects of the treatment. Further improvements are often seen a few days after and over the course of additional treatments. We then will perform a post-evaluation to determine how a patient responded.

Absolutely. Kalypso Wellness Centers works with many different types of healthcare providers. Even though we provide this treatment, you will still need to work with your current doctor to make sure your disease or aliment is being managed appropriately.

Every patient responds differently. Many patients obtain benefit after just one treatment. However, studies and our research shows 4-6 infusions over two to three weeks will provide the best efficacy and longer duration. Maintenance infusions will only be required on an as needed basis.

Antidepressant medications tend to be associated with the most adverse drug related reactions. It can take some time before the right medication or combinations of medications are determined, and the effects might not be optimal. Even though every patient responds differently to the ketamine infusion treatment, patients will know right away if they are receiving any benefits or not.

According to multiple studies including the Mayo Clinic, the national average shows approximately 70% of people respond to ketamine infusions. Our proprietary formulations of ketamine infusions are showing to have a 90% success rate.

Since this is considered an off-label use of ketamine, the infusions are not covered by insurance. However, we do offer multiple treatment plans, an annual membership, and patient financing at any of our locations.

Our doctors have over 50 years of specialized medical knowledge and are recognized as experts in the clinical use of Ketamine for pain, migraine, depression, and anxiety disorders. They have pioneered a maintenance protocol, created their own proprietary infusion formulations, and successfully helped treat patients from all over the country.